The overall system of the seminar is intended to comprehend the coordination of the cutting technique with the colouring technique in order to obtain the dynamics and emphasized outline of the hairstyle. The seminar is intended for beginners who wish to obtain new knowledge and skills in the area of haircutting and colouring in order to give their career a successful start. To get new inspiration, the seminar is also appropriate for those stylists and colourists who already have well-developed own views on both segments.

Staying motivated for work the entire time is a big challenge - and this is exactly what the Salon Creatives Seminar offers you. The seminar will boost your salon work to a completely new level. It focuses on the commercial approach to cutting and coloring techniques. Inspired by your new ideas you will enter freshness and creativity to your salons. You will be able to offer your customers various coloring and cutting techniques in an entirely different way.

Dive into the world of glamorous and extravagant hairstyles, ideal for the most important moments in life of every client. At the seminar you will learn from simple techniques of hair-up to the avant-garde combinations suitable for the red carpet.

Learn all techniques of a man cutting that will change your classic cutting into a trendy and perfected style. The refined “comb-scissors” technique in a combination with other haircut techniques will present men’s haircuts in a completely different perspective.

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