The development process takes place in the laboratory, the central and most important part of the development premises. A vital part of the laboratory is a small, separate room for precision weighing, which is especially important when it comes to hair colour dyes. The development department also includes a semi-industrial laboratory for pilot production of new products before they go into regular production. After the simulation of production at our semi-industrial laboratory has been approved, the product is moved to regular production, where we work with technologists to create semi-finished and finished products. At the end of the development stage, a file in the form of a product safety report is prepared for each cosmetic product.

During the development process, we regularly carry out physical and chemical analyses and microbiological safety checks of cosmetic raw materials, packaging, products, and production channels to ensure the all-round suitability of each product.

We also have an in-house test studio, where our products are tested daily by hairdressers, who work with the development department to bring them to the right level for professional use.

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We are proud to have a high production standard with extensive production capacities of 23,000 m2. We also have our own experimental studio where products are tested on the hair of our volunteers. Every product goes through over 20 stages of in vivo testing. This evaluation process enables us to assess the quality of our products compared to the competition. The most important thing is that we are strongly dedicated to high standards of quality, as evidenced by certificates such as the ISO standards, the GMP standard, and testing at the Fresenius Institute. We also have an in-house microbiology and control laboratory, and we work closely with the Institute of Cosmetics.

Subrina Professional
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Subrina Professional is a brand of professional cosmetics for hairdressers. We offer a wide range of products that complete every hairdressers' needs - from hair colours to hair care and hair styling. With over 60 years of experience our success is a combination of knowledge, gained over the years and commitment to go the extra mile.

We have our own Research and Development department responsible for the topicality, innovation and constant quality screening. All our products go through strict microbiological analysis, challenge and stability tests as well as sensorial, efficacy and dermatological tests. We develop new products every day and control their quality at every stage.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have the capacity to develop a product from the initial concept and first laboratory samples through to product testing, manufacture, and bottling. Among our ranks we have experts who are responsible for the development of various types of semi-finished products and packaging. This enables us to develop and manufacture even products as demanding as hair colours.

The development of a new product is a lengthy process that takes a great deal of knowledge, experience, persistence, and precision. At the same time, it is important to find the formulation that will be functional and effective as well as appealing to consumers.

Subrina Professional 
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