NEW Senseo shades

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NEW Senseo shades

Discover new Senseo shades for the ultimate pastel experience.

We have added 3 new shades to out demi permanent hair colours - 9/6, 8/65 and 10/7

Forget about dull hair, without shine, and experience fresh and exciting tones. This tone on tone shades are perfect after bleaching, freehand techniques or classic foiling.

Fashionable lavander tone will be a must have in 2021. The best result is achieved on level 10 without strong yellow undertone.

Lavender 9/6

CANDY - 8/65
Another fashionable tone for 2021 is this sweet candy tone. Use it on level 9 or 10 to create this delicious vibe.

Candy 8/65

BUTTER - 10/7
Butter blonde - your perfect partner when working with dull and porous hair. Give the hair warmth, lustre and a new life.

Butter 10/7

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