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we CARE for you

We are proud to announce that we have redesigned our care line. Our Perfect hair ID (phi) will be replaced with the CARE line.

phi care

New CARE line is fresh, modern, simple and reaches a higher level.

we care for you

We focused on:

  1. desires and needs of hairdressers,
  2. modern formulations,
  3. efficient active ingredients,
  4. eliminating the in effecting ingredients,
  5. trending scents.

care izdelki

The CARE line is divided into 8 groups depending on the needs of hair:

  • Hydro: for dry hair that need hydration.
  • Pure: micellar technology for gentle very day cleaning.
  • Colour: for colour treated hair.
  • Colour Lock: for salon use only, after any colouring treatment.
  • Keratin: for extremely damaged hair and extra hair care treatments.
  • Repair: for damaged hair and ends.
  • Scalp: for special demands of problematic scalp.
  • Salon: for salon use only.

care salon

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