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How to choose a perfect product if there are so many to choose from? Shampoo and conditioner are simply not enough to make your hair look its best. Everyone needs some kind of styling product - even if their hair is in amazing condition. But how do you choose just one that is perfect for your hair? But if you do find the perfect product that suits you, you can turn your day from so-so to oh-so-amazing. And here the help of your hairdresser will come in handy.

We shared some wise words with Sanja Karasman, creative manager of Subrina Professional: "I think most people have no idea what to do with the product," she said. "They use too much and think it's heavy and awful. Or they use it too little, and they think it doesn't do anything. Or sometimes they just don't use the right product for their hair type."

Understanding the importance of proper use of professional products for your hair type and its structure is the key to any beautiful hairstyle. There is a reason why after visiting the salon your hair looks smooth and shiny, or your dry hair looks moisturised, soft and tamed. This is because your hairdresser, with years of experience and skills, has used all the right shampoos, conditioners, styling creams and finishing sprays for your hair type and its texture to achieve the desired look for hair styling. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you always looked like you just came out of a hair salon?


1. The most important thing is to know what hair structure you have and how you want your hair to look as a result. Do you want heat protection? Do you want volume? Do you want shine? You need to get to know your hair and evaluate its properties and what you need. It is best to ask your hairdresser to evaluate your hair and give some tips and tricks on how to manage it.

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2. Identify products: Each type of product has its function. Foam: It can be used by anyone, in quantities from the size of a walnut to the size of an orange, depending on the length of the hair (Volume foam). It is lighter than cream and can be more evenly distributed throughout the hair. Comb it with a comb and dry your hair on a brush, thus creating a weightless volume. Wax: It is used on very dry hair that does not have shine and has flyaway (Wax). It is ideal for curly hair as it nourishes them and makes them shiny. Pomade: You may recognise it as a slightly less greasy and shiny version of wax. The pomade gives that sleek and seductive look while keeping the hair in place. We use it mainly to style shorter men's hairstyles. It can be applied to damp hair when you want to style it with a brush. The pomade melts with the help of heat (hairdryer) and thus allows the hair to be reshaped as desired. However, if you want a shinier and smoother look, apply pomade on dry hair. Spray: There are many available and for a variety of purposes, from hair preparation and heat protection (Heat protect spray) to those that give the final hairstyle a glamorous look (Shine spray). Sprays can give the hair texture (Blow dry spray), lift them right at the root for a generous volume (Root lift spray) or give the hair just the right hold, which allows easy blow-drying (Blow dry spray). If you blow-dry your long curls or waves with a hairdryer, Smooth cream is the right choice for you. It eases hair static, gives a gentle texture and eliminates unwanted volume. Other styling creams usually provide medium firming and have a light matte or gloss effect, depending on what finish you desire (Matt cream, Modeling cream, Hair glue). Because of their ease of use, creams are more popular with men – but it is also why some women cannot live without them. Hairspray is intended for everyone who wants to "lock" the final hairstyle. Depending on their hold (flexible, strong), you can comb the hairspray out of your hair later if you feel like you want to change your braided hairstyle into a more simple and loose one in a few hours.

3. Step by step: "There are three stages of hairstyling," explains Sanja Karasman. "Step One: PRIME." Prepare your hair for styling. Apply the product directly on damp hair (Heat protect spray, Smooth cream, Blow-dry spray). Then blow-dry your hair until it is about 60-80% dry, leading you to the "Step Two: DEFINE”. A step that will give definition to your hair (Salt spray, Volume foam). For best results, you can also apply these products to damp hair, but don’t forget to apply foundation first! "Step Three" includes hair sprays, shine sprays, creams, pastes, just about anything that will make your final look perfect. That is why we call it "FINISH". Why this order? Think of it as makeup or skincare: build from the lightest to the strongest products to ensure the best combination.

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4. Start slow, less is more. If you want to put on smokey-eye makeup, you don’t just start with full raccoon eyes, but you build it gradually, right? It’s the same with hair. Use a little product and then upgrade it. If you do not know the product well and it is a paste or cream, start at the tips and continue up towards the roots. In the end, if you feel like you haven’t used enough product, you can always add more.

5. Read the instructions: We admit that sometimes the instructions are confusing. There are too few or too many words or you just don’t understand all the big and complicated terms. That is why we decided to be as simple as possible with our STYLE line. What is it? How much hold does it have? How much shine? How to use it? You have everything there, easy and transparent.

6. Allow your hair to move: One of the reasons to not overdo it with the amount of product applied is that your hair needs to look healthy and beautiful and full of movement. So, choose 2 or 3 products for one hairstyle, depending on the complexity of the desired look.

7. Ask an expert: No idea? Take a hairstyle magazine and go straight to the salon. Find a picture of someone with hair similar to yours, and don’t hesitate to ask your hairdresser. Promise, it's worth it!

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