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we REFRESH for you

We present to you the cult collection of colour masks, which instantly gives your hair a new refreshment without damaging your hair in any way. On the contrary, it feeds it, makes it soft and extremely shiny. A nourishing colour mask with temporary pigments will refresh your hair or create a quick fashion change.

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A line of revolutionary colour masks that give a new look and at the same time restore hair - REFRESH COLOUR MASKS!

The masks are designed to refresh the existing colour or to experiment with fashionable shades that will disappear in 3-5 washes. They are available in 4 pastel shades (Platinum, Vanilla, Peach and Rose Gold), which are suitable for lighter hair, and 1 vibrant shade (Bordeaux), which is also suitable for darker hair. The end result is deeply nourished and soft hair with a beautiful, shiny colour. It does not cover gray hair, but gives them a slight reflection of colour.

colour mask 5 en

All ingredients are carefully selected and of vegan origin. Mango butter is a soft butter with a sweet smell. It is an excellent moisturiser that nourishes the hair, makes it soft and shiny and protects the hair from sun damage and hair colour from fading. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which makes it easier to absorb deep into the hair. At the same time it tames the frizz and prevents damage when combing.

The special feature of Refresh Colour masks is their pH value. They are developed in a low pH environment, which helps to lock the pigments into the hair and closes the epidermis in the same step. Together with the cationic polymer, which creates a silicone-like feel, the hair will stay smooth, soft and shiny.

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How to achieve the perfect result at home?

STEP 1: Wash your hair with your favourite Subrina Professional shampoo. Dry your hair gently with a towel to get rid of excess moisture. If the hair stays very wet, the end result will be more subtle.

STEP 2: Divide the hair into sections and apply a sufficient amount of Refresh Colour Mask to the hair with a brush or comb. Use a brush / comb to achieve a more even colour distribution.

STEP 3: Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Wash thoroughly with water and shape as desired.


colour mask 4

colour mask 4 en

Be creative and create your own shade!

You can now change your look in 10 minutes and only for the weekend. Mix any two shades together in a mixing bowl or palm and create your very own shade. For even more pastel shades, you can mix Refresh Colour masks with Subrina Professional Keratin or Colour Lock Mask.

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