Inspiration for DIRECT colours

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Inspiration for DIRECT colours

Are you already familiar with our DIRECT colours? You can use them to achieve lively and vivacious shades or create calm pastels. The colours are without oxidation and ammonia and ensure long durability and luminous shine.

With the great performance that direct colour offers, we decided to keep the formula and focus on expanding the services. During the past years, experience with direct colours gave us a new way to look at the direct colour and we discovered there is a whole world behind these simple products rather than just crazy colours. 🌈
Not only we can achieve vivid and vibrant shades, but there is a way how to use DIRECT colours on daily basis in hair salon. Yes, daily!

You can find more ideas on different services with DIRECT colours in this article.

The DIRECT line includes 9 shades: orange, red pink, purple, blue, turquoise, silver, grey in clear mix (a base without pigments for creating pastel shades or for independent usage for GLOSS service.).

You can check out a step by step tutorial for a vivid colour melt created with our Direct colours below.

The final result:


We have also prepared a step by step tutorial for a pastel colour melt created with our Direct colours. You can watch it below:

Are you as in love with the final result as we are?


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