New 2022 Freeborn Collection

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New 2022 Freeborn Collection

World, meet our new collection F R E E B O R N! It's theme revolves around exploring human rights to live life freely.

Injecting heaps of bright color with fun hues and playful descriptors into the new year, the Spring/Summer 2022 palette, these colors will inspire playful creativity and unconstrained expression that is full of life. The colors promote new sentiments of simplicity and spontaneity, fusing our deep connection to nature and need for comfort and familiarity with lighthearted airy pastels and visually arresting brights.

▷ Credits

Hair: Tina Hudobivnik & Sanja Karasman

Concept: Sanja Karasman

Make-up: Maja Ašič

Photography: Klemen Razinger

Styling: Tina Tanko

Video Director: Slađan Ljubojević

Assistent: Oliver Ljubojević

Video Production: E.D.I.T.

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