Permanent Colour: Vibrant Series

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Permanent Colour: Vibrant Series

Get ready to learn all about the second colouring series that forms our new Permanent Colour palette.

The Vibrant range includes all red, copper and purple tones, as well as creative mix for enhancing the colour tone.

  • The copper series include vivid orange shades and are enriched with 2 new series, radiant sunset tone and amber - a tone direction that imitates a natural ginger hair-color.
  • The most stunning series are the red series based on Pyrazol molecule. With tremendous vibrancy and strong intensity, the red series will give the most true-to-tone red shades that you have ever seen.
  • Purple series are very luxurious and robust. The palette covers deep dark mahogany tones, plum tones, aubergine and also soft pastel shades such as dusty rose and lavender.

Vibrant zloženke

The Vibrant Palette consists of 3 colouring series:

Copper Series /34, /4, /43


  • A palette of copper tones is expanded into sparkling amber and sunset-like tones.
  • Natural-looking ginger tones are created with a combination of gold pigments.
  • Alone they provide up to 70% grey hair coverage.

  • Red Series /5, /54, /56


  • Durable intensity of red series is enriched with P5.
  • Shades are true to tone, without brassiness.
  • They can be applied on grey hair and give amazing coverage, however the colour will be more vibrant.
  • More true red, less orange due to Pyrazol.
  • Combination of vivid red pigments, created for a longer duration.
  • Particularly more vibrant and intense in comparison to previous Unique colours.
  • Covering grey hair by up to 100%.

  • Purple Series /6, /65, /67


  • Enchanting palette of deep purple tones.
  • Includes light mahogany, pastel pink and tasteful wine tones.

    Left and right model:

    Formula A

    Permanent Colour 6/67+ 6% Developer (1:1)

    Formula B

    Permanent Colour 8/56+ 3% Developer (1:1)

    Formula C

    Permanent Colour 10/5+ 3% Developer (1:1)

    Formula D

    Permanent Colour 9/5 + 9% Developer (1:1)

    Middle model:

    Formula A1

    Permanent Colour 8/43+ 6% Developer (1:1)

    Formula A2

    Permanent Colour 8/43 + 3% Developer (1:1)

    Formula B1

    Permanent Colour 9/4 + 6% Developer (1:1)

    Formula B2

    Permanent Colour 9/4 + 3% Developer (1:1)

    Formula C

    Permanent Colour 7/34 + 3% Developer (1:1)

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