Care line: REPAIR

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Care line: REPAIR

Do you want to know more about our line for dry and damaged hair?

This restorative line is infused with nourishing ingredients that have reparative and strengthening benefits. Formulas will help undo the damage caused by environmental stressors, chemical treatments, or heat styling.

These products will breathe life into damaged, brittle, and dry hair.

The three main ingredients are Baobab Seed Oil, Baobab Seed Extract and Glycerin.

Repair line is made of:

Repair Shampoo: Nourishing shampoo that helps to improve the hair structure and prevents split ends.

Repair Conditioner: Nourishing conditioner that closes the hair cuticles, leaving the hair soft, nourished, and shiny. It brings the hair back to its natural health and protects hair from harmful styling heat.

Repair Oil: Nourishing oil that helps to repair and restore damaged hair and tips, prevents breakage, and adds a smooth, glossy finish. It is perfect for damaged and split ends, and for taming the frizz.


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