Care line: COLOUR

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Care line: COLOUR

Color care is essential for prolonging the hair colour. Check out our Colour line for efficient products!

Colour line is designed specially for colour-treated hair. It will revive, restore and preserve the hair colour and prolong the salon look also at home.

It is perfect for all types of coloured, bleached or highlighted hair.

Main ingredients: superfood quinoa, keratin, saccharide isomerate, glycerin and vitamin E.

Subrina Professional Colour line consists of:

Colour Shampoo: Colour-saving shampoo ensures longer-lasting colour stability, increases hair colour uptake and enhances shine.

Colour Conditioner: Colour-saving conditioner that ensures longer-lasting colour stability, nourishes the hair, and restores the hair’s flexibility, and shine.

Silver Shampoo: Anti-yellow shampoo that effectively eliminates unwanted yellow tones and maintains a beautiful blonde colour.

Silver Mask: Anti-yellow mask that effectively neutralises unwanted yellow tones and enhances platinum highlights. It deeply nourishes and regenerates the hair, leaving blonde and silver hair looking smoother and brighter.


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