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This year's calendar presents different braiding techniques.

The aim was to show that with the same braiding technique, we can create different hairstyles, regardless of whether we are looking for a more everyday, wearable or a glamorous, avant-garde look. We used 4 models and made two looks on each with the same braiding technique - one more everyday look and the other a bit more "interlaced".

This look is a more complicated Infinity Braid.

interlaced 1

This look presents a more casual version of infinity braid. :

interlaced 2

Ladies and gentleman, are you ready for a more avant-garde version of twist braid? We are officially in love. šŸ˜

interlaced 5

Here is a simpler or more casual version of twist braid.

interlaced 6

It's time to introduce another more complicated braid look: knotted braid.

interlaced 3

The same braiding technique as in the previous photo, used to create a different hairstyle.

interlaced 4

A breathtaking hairstyle with pipe braids.

interlaced 7

And a simpler, but still stunning version of pipe braid.

interlaced 8

What do you think about this year's calendar? We hope you love it as much as we do! :)

Hair: Tina Hudobivnik & Kaja Tomažič
Creative lead: Sanja Karasman
Make-up: Maja AŔič
Photography: Klemen Razinger

Styling: Tina Tanko & Damir Raković

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