Our new Colour Mask is here!

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Our new Colour Mask is here!

If you are looking to refresh your look or simply express your unique style, look no further!

Meet our BRAND NEW colour mask in wonderful Warm Brown shade. This rich and deep shade will make your hair look luxurious and add intense hydration.

The nourishing mask with temporary pigments is meant to refresh the existing colour or to experiment with fashionable shades that last 3-5 washes. The deeply nourishing mask contains coconut oil and mango butter, which moisturise the hair, reduce its unruliness and make it silky smooth and shiny. The mask can also be used on gray hair for gentle hair toning.

The new Warm Brown shade is a stunning brown hair colour mask that will revive brown hair and add a warm shade to it. This rich and deep shade will add intensity to your hair, while also providing intensive care.

Warm brown

warm brown 2

Warm browwn 3

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