Our new Refresh Colour Mask is here

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Our new Refresh Colour Mask is here

Meet our brand new Colour Mask in Nude!

Allow us to introduce our latest product - the Refresh Colour Mask in the beautiful Nude shade. This gentle, rosy-beige hue is perfect for light hair with highlights, adding subtle warmth and a wonderful shine.

Why Choose the Refresh Colour Mask in Nude Shade?

Gentle refreshment: If you're seeking something subtle yet noticeable, our colour mask is the perfect choice. The Nude shade will add a hint of rosy-beige to your hair.

Nourishing formula: Our formula is designed to gently nourish and moisturise your hair while providing a refreshing colour boost.

Easy application: Applying the colour mask is simple and quick. Apply it to clean, wet hair (after shampoo and conditioner), leave it on for a few minutes, and rinse. The result? Gorgeous, refreshed hair without excessive effort.

The Nude shade is the ideal choice for those who want something new but aren't looking for drastic changes. The Refresh Colour Mask in the Nude shade brings a subtle change that refreshes your look and ensures healthy, shiny hair.

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