Collaboration with the Faculty of Economics

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Collaboration with the Faculty of Economics

We are enthusiastic about innovative way of working and we love to think outside the box so we decisively said yes, when the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, Slovenia, asked us to collaborate with its students.

The whole aim of our collaboration was to present the students our business concept and shed light on how the brand is working in practical terms and what challenges faces when entering the new markets. Deepening their knowledge and understanding of the market entry strategies, students needed to write a term paper. They were divided into 5 groups, where 4-5 students collaborated, shared their ideas and came up with the new ones.

Yesterday the Faculty invited us to its premises, where the students presented what they learned and discovered. Following our guidelines, their papers were excellently written and presented.

We are looking forward to the next cooperation opportunity with the Faculty of Economics and its students.



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