Train the Trainer Advanced Seminar

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Train the Trainer Advanced Seminar

This week is so exciting for us, because we are having a 3 day Train the Trainer advanced seminar for our ambassadors. Presenting them the new techniques in cutting and colouring, they will also get practical experience on live models.


Hairdressers from more than 8 countries have joined us at our advanced seminar, where they will find out the details about our new collection for 2016. The long-awaited collection is still a secret for a broader audience, but we can give you a small hint - inspiration comes from the basic color theory.

Today our Subrina Professional team members presented to the audience the 6 looks from our new collection.


These looks are going to be a basis for a cutting and colouring workshop in the next two days, where participants will, trough hands-on labs, learn how to create them.


We are delighted to share our knowledge and see how the attendees enjoy it. To catch the latest updates stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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