Collection 2016 is out now!

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Collection 2016 is out now!

Collection 2016, named Colour Equilibrium, is all about the basic colour theory! A simple and effective combination of basic colours that are in equal balance.

The idea of this year`s collection was to transform the basic colour of the minerals into a variety of hairstyles. Following the basic colour theory, we chose 6 different minerals ranging from yellow, blue, green, purple, orange to red colour: Yellow opal, Blue euclause, Green Chrysocolla, Purple Spectrolite, Orange Garnet and Red Beryl.

Considering all the listed colours of the minerals, we wanted to create two variations of one appearance, which belong to each of the minerals. The first variation is a lighter look with more natural makeup, a long white dress and curly/wavy hair, while the second one is the total opposite, which is reflected in dark make-up, a long black dress and straight hair.

kolekcija 2016_eng

Find more about collection details on TRENDS.

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