The key to the perfect balayage

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The key to the perfect balayage

You have probably noticed how popular the balayage technique is. It is all about highlights which subtly blend with the darker shades. When applying this technique, the roots are usually not coloured. That means that the top section of the hair remains natural and visits at hairdressers do not have to be so frequent.

The word balayage originates form French and means to paint. The technique suits almost all hair lengths and colours and without a doubt adds that extra touch to every hairstyle. So if you are looking for the perfect method to create the stunning balayage effect look no further - the answer is Freehand Blanc.

Freehand Blanc is a hair bleach, specially formulated to create trends such us balayage, ombre and sombre. The product is designed for creative hairdressers who like to experiment with various open-air and creative colouring techniques. Its thick texture makes the product easy to apply and lightens up to 5 levels. It can be used without foils and never leaks, therefore it is perfect even for the most precise hairdressers.

A few looks, created with Freehand Blanc: