New 2020 Collection: GEN Z

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New 2020 Collection: GEN Z

GEN Z is a generation of people born in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

This is a generation of double-tappers, bed-scrollers and youngsters who have never seen the world without the internet. They prefer online platforms to face-to-face interactions and speak digital language fluently. Their home is wherever the wifi on their phones connects automatically. Gen Z representatives are also more environmentally friendly and value a healthy lifestyle. They also show strong entrepreneurial skills and can easily multitask.

Gen Z representatives are trend-setters: they don't follow fashion, fashion follows them. Secondhand shopping pages are their favourite and their online shopping basket is always full of colourful sustainable fashion.


Concept: Sanja Karasman

Hair: Subrina Professional International Team (Sanja Karasman: Creative Manager, John Zingys: Belgium, Radmila Topalski: Serbia, Adna Omanović: Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Make-up: Maja Ašič

Styling: Tina Tanko

Photography: Klemen Raziner

Retouch: Ajda Horvat



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