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Presenting Subrina Professional bleaches!

GELE BLANC PREMIUM: Complete tool for the entire range of blonde shades. For lightening the entire hair or just for expressive details. Outstanding power of lightening (up to 7 levels). The blue pigments contribute to neutralizing the undesirable effects.

FREEHAND BLANC: Hair bleach specially formulated to create trendy looks like balayage, ombre, sombre and more. For creative hairdressers who want to play and experiment with hair colouring techniques. Ideal for open air techniques.

PLEX LIGHTENER: Bleaching powder enriched with PLEX formula that gives hair protection and provides the best results. Can lighten up to 7 tones and can be used up to 3 bleaching services in the same day. 2 in 1 service: besides lightening it also penetrate the hair with PLEX technology.

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