Long live the summer

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Long live the summer

We are so happy to introduce you our summer 2022 campaign: Long live the summer!

We created all these looks with our Refresh Colour Masks! The 2022 summer campaign consists of three how-to's, which will help you go beyond refresh and tone: IMPROVE, SHIFT and TRANSFORM. 💫

Let's start with IMPROVE.

After colouring with demi pastel shades, use Colour Refresh Mask to improve the intensity of the colour. Create more vibrant and vivid shades for the summer and prolong the colour's longeivity .


Now let's discover SHIFT.

Shift any shade and change it's tonality. From cool to warm and vice versa. Shifting the tone refers to how warm or cool the hair appears. By changing the tone, and not the actual color level, you make the hair appear brighter and warmer, or cooler and darker.


And the final look is all about TRANSFORM.

Transform and change the appearance. From unnoticed to stunning in a matter of minutes. Transform dull and boring blonde hair to vivid shades. Combine CRM Bordeaux with conditioner or add it to any CRM pastel shade to invigorate the tone of the hair and to bring a new energy to the final look.


long live the summer


Hair: Sanja Karasman & Tina Hudobivnik

Styling: Sanja Karasman

Make up: Maja Ašič

Photography: Klemen Razinger

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