Refresh your colour in an instant!

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Refresh your colour in an instant!

We decided that it is time to talk a little more about our products that do not get the attention they deserve. World, meet Refresh Colour Lotions!

  • Lotions with temporary pigments
  • Give hold to the hair
  • Add shine and smoothness.
  • Reduce the appearance of split ends
  • Available in four gray and one brown shade
Key ingredient? Sunflower extract, which

  • smoothes and revives damaged hair,
  • contains vitamins and minerals that improve the hair structure,
  • gives back elesticity and shine to the hair,
  • nurishes and prevents breakage.

Why do we use Refresh Colour Lotions? They are perfect to refresh the existing hair colour. to quickly tone the unwanted brassiness and to give hold to the hair.
The brown shade is perfect for adding warmth to dull or washed out brown hair colour.

In the videos below, you can see how easy the products are to use.

8/2 Dove Grey

6/7 Brown

10/2 Silver

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