Care line: HYDRO

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Care line: HYDRO

We have decided to finally present to you our Care line in detail and tell you all about each subline.

Let's start with the most popular and intoxicatingly fragrant: Hydro.

Subrina Professional Hydro line assures the daily dose of hydration and maintains the hair’s natural moisture balance. It tames the appearance of frizz and leaves hair looking smooth, glossy and radiant.

For all types of hair. Ideal also for curly hair that needs extra moisture to maintain those beautiful waves.

The two main ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin.

Hydro line is made of:

Hydro Shampoo: Moisturising shampoo that gently cleanses and makes hair soft, without weighing it down.

Hydro Conditioner: Moisturising conditioner that locks in moisture, detangles the hair, increases elasticity, and does not weigh the hair down.


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