NEW: Style Gift Set

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NEW: Style Gift Set

Elevate your hair game with our Style gift set!

Protect, style, and refresh your locks with our Heat Protect Spray, Hair Spray Flexible, and Dry Shampoo - all in one chic toiletry bag!


Heat Protect Spray is moisturizing spray that provides the hair protection against heat. It contains a special ingredient that significantly reduces damage caused by heat.

Perfect for all types of hair before blow drying or straightening and curling with hot tools.

Dry Shampoo refreshes hair in-between washes. Formulated with keratin and light, fresh scent, this dry shampoo absorbs oil for a refreshing clean feeling without visible residue. Also works as a matt texturiser for a soft touch and volume boost.

Hair Spray Flexible is a hairspray with a light and effective formula that provides a flexible hold and does not glue the hair. A perfect product for natural everyday hairstyles.

Style gift set

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