NEW: Plex Lightener

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NEW: Plex Lightener

We have a NEW member in our bleach line - PLEX LIGHTENER!

PLEX LIGHTENER is a bleaching powder enriched with PLEX formula that gives hair protection and provides the best results.

Achieve beautiful and healthy blond hair with PLEX LIGHTENER. Can lighten up to 7 tones and can be used up to 3 bleaching services in the same day (If applied on healthy hair and before carefully evaluating any treatments that have been done previously). PLEX LIGHTENER has evolved the bleaching processes with giving a 2 in 1 service: besides lightening it also penetrate the hair with PLEX technology. It leaves the hair feeling strong and protected.

Preparation: Prepare the bleaching cream in a plastic, glass or porcelain bowl (do not use metal!). Mix 1 part PLEX LIGHTENER (about 50 g) and 2 parts Hydrogen Cremeoxyd. Mix with a brush until smooth and creamy.

Application: The prepared bleaching cream should be used immediately! Apply the cream evenly to dry and not shampooed hair.

Duration: Setting time can vary from 20 to 50 minutes, considering the hair structure and desired degree of bleaching. When bleaching is finished, use warm water to wash out the bleaching cream thoroughly, then wash hair with PHI After Colour Shampoo and finally provide additional care with PHI After Colour Mask.

*Extra tip: To achieve various tones of blond use Senseo – demi permanent hair colour after bleaching and shampooing.

Plex ligheter

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