Subrina today

Over the years we became the biggest producer of cosmetics in this part of Europe. We are now a strong and healthy company where 80% of sales represents export. We employ over 150 people in 3 countries around Europe.

80% export
34 countries
150 people employed in 3 countries
over 60 years of experience

Subrina in the past


We were very proud to receive a prestigous title:
»Slovenia superbrands 2007«.


In year 2004 Subrina won the prestigious award: Oscar for packaging.
The award was given by the Slovenian Chamber of commerce.


A special line for hairdressers, was first introduced in 1998. The next year we started the production of our own professional colours Tricolor Professional.


In the 80‘s, a second factory was built in Lendava, Slovenia. In this decade many collaborations were started, such as producing Rexona deodorants, Signal toothpaste and Pepsodent for Unilever.


In the year 1975 we merged with a cosmetic company Vedrog.

The 60’s

Professional studio Narta was established in the 60‘s. This was the only studio in the borader area that offered professional courses and seminars for hairdressers. The same year a new factory was built in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In the 60‘s we also started the production of Koleston under Wella's licence.


The story began in year 1958 with the launch of first conditioner in the wider area which radically changed the consumer and hairdressers habits and set an important milestone in the development of hair cosmetics.

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