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Our partners have our support on every step of the way. We organize different seminars ranging from cutting, styling, colouring to exploiting new trends. Our ambassadors can join us anytime and participate with us on world`s most famous shows. Valuing our brand, we want it to be the first choice of every hairdresser, so we provide trainings and education for our partners and ambassadors to give them support at any time. We care about new, young talents and we want them to succeed so we work closely with professional hairdresser schools. Knowing that the practical experience is priceless, we are open for young creatives.

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It is not just about the products! Being our partner means that we will take care of education, support material, event support and product innovation. Needing anything, we offer you new visuals every year, catalogues, leaflets, book of hairstyles, manuals, advertisements, salon branding… Having any challenges with our products, we will help you to understand how to properly use them and we will immediately test them to make sure everything is as it should be. Want to do a big show? Our team of experts will shine on the stage so do not worry, we are here for you on the every step of the way.

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1. We have our own development department which is responsible for the innovation, novelties and constant quality screening.

2. Each product goes through more than 20 stages and the in-vivo testing.

3. Professional products offer exclusively for hairdressing professionals.

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